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Terms & conditions

Gasp Ltd Delivery and Returns

Here are our delivery and returns policies to help make sure we meet your expectations. Contact Us.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery is the charge for internet order processing, item selection, packaging, transport and handling. We don’t guarantee delivery times, but we do our best to provide accurate estimates.

Deliveries occur only on Fridays. Shipping and Delivery charges are subject to change and are determined when we collect your order. Estimated delivery time is usual 2 to 3 weeks after you place your order and if parts are available to manufacturers. Orders you place to Gasp Ltd late on Friday until Sunday night will not be processed until Monday.

Returns and Replacements

In order for replacement parts to have warranty, installation must meet some requirments. You can contact us to ask these requirments for any product that you are interested in.
If these requirments are not met, Gasp Ltd is not obligated to replace, refund or accept any return of any product.

Each spare part sold by us is certified and has a factory warranty. The warranty is valid in cases if the spare part has been installed at the manufacturer’s authorized service point and the defect of the spare part is due to the fault of the factory.
For every warranty case, a report is drawn up and a factory expertise is appointed. The warranty period is valid for 1-2 years for each of the delivered goods. Please contact our manager in order to clarify the warranty period for the spare parts that are interesting to you.
The warranty does not cover the following instances:
incorrect installation or careless operation;
wear of the part;
in case of mechanical damage, such as an accident, falling into a pit, etc.;
As a result of the use of low-quality fuel (parts associated with the fuel system);
After the delivery of the part, the return of the spare part is impossible, the exception is the case of the defect found in the spare part. On the issues of warranty and returns of spare parts, contact representatives of the company.